Monday, January 27, 2014

Solar System

We have been learning about the solar system for the past 2 weeks and although we aren't quite done I decided we needed to make a model of it. I looked online for a kit (because that would make it easier for me) and I decided I didn't like any of the ones I saw. So while I was at Walmart I found a styrofoam kit in the crafts area for $10! It was much cheaper than than the ones I found online so I figured I would just buy it.

Here the kids are painting all the planets. You can see the box it came in down in the front left of the picture.

Here some of them are done. The big orange one is Jupiter but the kids weren't happy until it had the big "eye of the storm and lines painted on it. You might be able to see it better in another picture.

Jupiter and Saturn drying do they can paint the bottom parts.

Here it is all done!

Here we decided to use the textbook scaled measurements to see how far each planets really is from the sun. You can clearly see the sun and the 4 inner planets here. The squiggly lines you can kind of see are the asteroid belt and the large orange planet by the door in Jupiter!

I am standing on the asteroid belt and that planet is Jupiter. Saturn in just barely past the door. See where the kids are standing way in the background? That is Pluto! 

Here I am standing where Pluto is. Neptune is the blue ball on the sidewalk, and Uranus is the light blue bale you can barely see in the snow.

We had so much fun doing this! Next we are going to learn about weather and climate!

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Done!!!

I know, I know it has been FOREVER since I posted last and I know all of you have been wondering what happened to me! Well life, kids, illness and family emergencies got in the way of this post. Today I actually have a few minutes to get this done! So here is the BIG reveal!! First I have to tell you that my dad is ah.may.zing! My parents came to stay with us for a month and my dad loves to do this kind of stuff (which is why he does construction and painting professionally), so I put him to work!

This is a picture of what the boards and walls look like after my dad prepped them. He calked all the cracks, seems and joints, and he spackled the holes in the walls and textured them and then we sanded all the edges and joints to make sure they were super smooth. Sorry these first 2 pictures are not the best. But hopefully you can kind of see the prep work.

Now here is the best part....It's done! Since we have 5 doors at the end of this hallway and I hate when people open every door just to find the bathroom I added the "bathroom" symbol!  Now it is easy peasy for guests to find!

Look at how clean and sleek it looks! And the color just make it seem so calm! Don't you love my saying over the front door? 

Here are a few Before and Afters: 


Here is another one:

Oop! looks like I forgot to put a shoe and a toy away before I took the picture!

I didn't really have any decorations for my walls prior to this project because it was such an uninspiring entryway. After it got done though I found some inspiration and I went shopping! I spent under $35 on EVERYTHING you see! How on earth did I spend so little you ask? Well, I had a magnetic board (purchased at a yard sale for $3) in a frame and the frame fell apart so I made one from old fence boards that I bought for .50 a board. It took 2 boards. The white shelves I have had forever but I bought them at a thrift store for $2 each. The keys I found at a local liquidation center for $4 each and the nick knacks on the shelves were thrift store items that were .50 to $1.00.  I thought about raising the magnetic board because it would look better, but then it would be too hard for my kids to reach so I decided functionality is better than perfection.

I also added a bench that I made! Check it out! It was just a few boards I picked up at Home Depot and some stain I already had! I didn't put a clear coat on it because I want it to get the worn look, but I finally have a place to store ALL the shoes! If you want a tutorial or dimensions let me know!

I almost forgot! On the other wall I added a mirror I framed with old fence boards and a tray with rocks and glass tea-light holders!! Can you tell how excited I am for my hallway and entryway to finally be done AND decorated?!?!?!

There you have it!! Ask any questions and feel free to comment!